Java is Broken

, on 06 March 2015

Java is broken

I was doing some browsing on StackOverflow today when I ran across this question. In case you cant see it, I will include the relavent pieces.

The Code

Run the following code. (It wont do anything dangerous I promise).

public static void main(String[] args) {

     * \u002A\u002F\u0070\u0072\u0069\u006E\u0074\u0028\u0022\u0043\u0072\u0075\u0065\u006C\u0022\u0029\u003B\u002F\u002A

private static void print(String s){
    System.out.print(s + " ");

The Result

In case you are too lazy, or just dont trust me, here is the output of the above code:

Hello Cruel World

Confused? All you have to know is the random stuff inside the block comment is really just unicode version of:



Java parses unicode inside a comment as literal characters and compiles it all together. This means you could add some pretty nasty code inside of comments, and no one would ever realize its there.